In order to invest in a wicker furniture set that provides comfort, durability, resistance and that enhances the beauty of your patio, we invite you to read this article where you will surely find enough reasons to do so.

The most purchased furniture used to decorate the patio or exterior space is made of wicker, since this is a fabric that is used especially to support weight and all types of weather.

Since ancient Egypt, hand woven wicker has been a technique that has been passed down from generation to generation, and continues to prevail in modern furniture design.

In addition, in the last century this attractive fabric had a renaissance, thanks to the movement of arts that began at the beginning of the year 1900.
Nowadays, craftsmen have tried to keep this skill alive through craft seminars, where they explain the importance of this precious style of weaving.

Wicker is popular in the manufacture of both antique products and modern applications.

Wicker is made with hand-woven fibers although there are models that have been created using high quality synthetic resins, and they are one of the best selling types of patio furniture on the market.

However, before buying a product you should evaluate the advantages or benefits provided by this type of furniture.

6 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Wicker Furniture


This type of furniture are very elegant and attractive since their natural colors are very pleasant to the sight, reason why they are designed to shine as much for interiors or exteriors


Wicker furniture has a high quality standard, resistant to fading, different weather conditions and UV rays, unlike some indoor sets, these can be used outdoors at any time of the year.


Most Wicker sets are generally lightweight, and can be placed any way you like to make the most of any space, turning the patio into the favorite spot for family and guests.


This furniture does not require much maintenance because as explained above it is very resistant to weather changes.

However, it is enough to clean them with a sponge in a soapy solution, using soft bristle brushes and a damp cloth. This is a quick and simple process, if you want to learn more about how to clean them we invite you to read our cleaning articles.


At present, due to the economic crisis experienced worldwide, it is possible to find excellent patio furnitures at a low prices depending on the design or the number of pieces included in the set.


These type of furnitures are manufactured with natural materials, and as mentioned before, they are resistant to the elements, which guarantees a long life span.

Here we will show you one of the most popular wicker furniture models on the market

5-Piece Outdoor Wicker Bistro Set w/ Side Storage Table

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This 5-piece set of multi-purpose sofas is composed of two chairs with ottomans, designed to be stored under the seat while enjoying a meal, or can also be removed to rest the legs.


The 5-piece wicker set can be exposed to any weather, as it has UV and weather resistant cushions, which help to maintain an elegant and modern look over the years.

This set has a table with a removable top that can be used as a serving tray, while the bottom has a large internal compartment to store your favorite pillows and blankets.

This set includes

2 Chairs, 2 seat cushions, 2 ottomans, 2 foot cushions and 1 table.

If you want to decorate your home with this comfortable set you can take advantage of this offer and get it now for 399,99 & FREE Shipping.