Cleaning wicker furniture is a very easy task, although sometimes it may seem a little complicated, because unlike other types of furniture, these ones need a somewhat peculiar maintenance that if not done from time to time, will never make it look nice.

To keep the furniture like new, it is necessary to vacuum it regularly to remove dust not only on the surface but in the gaps and spaces unreachable with a cloth or rag.

After this, use a cloth moistened with warm water mixed with coarse salt or a little baking soda for better results.

If you want your furniture keep its light color,  first wash it as explained above with warm water, and then apply a mixture of water and bleach or chlorine (which by itself has the property of being a mixture that disinfects and whitens at the same time). The amounts to use would be six spoons of bleach for each liter of water.

If necessary, in hard-to-reach areas, a non-abrasive brush can be used, in the same direction as the wicker itself.

And last but not least, it should be left to dry in a place where the sun does not shine directly onto the surface of the furniture.

As an extra, once the wicker furniture has dried, apply new varnish with spray or shoe polish to make it look like a new piece of furniture just like when you first saw it and loved it in the store.

In case your furniture is made of bamboo, you can make it shine and keep that look again by applying every so often half a lemon on the whole surface, this will make it get back its natural shine.

If the furniture stained with grease, the best thing to do is apply a mixture of hot water, with five teaspoons of chlorine, and in addition to this, a single spoonful of ammonia for every liter of water used. This way your furniture will surely look like it did when you bought it.

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