Do you know how to clean wicker furniture? If no, let's show you how. Whether you've purchased indoor wicker furniture for a sunroom, conversation sets made with premium resin wicker, or outdoor wicker furniture, you can keep them looking spotless in different weather.

Further, it would help if you kept your wicker furniture clean, this is because it'll enable the wicker material to last longer. And given that it is exposed to dirt, water, food crumbs, etc. it's useful always to have furniture that is appealing to the eyes. Therefore, consider the following tips on how to clean wicker furniture.

1. Clean Your Synthetic Wicker Furniture

If you're using synthetic wicker furniture that is made of resin, plastic, or PVC, then there's a simple way to go about cleaning it. And it's worth noting that this type of wicker is easier to clean than real wicker. The reason is, dirt, bird droppings, and other particles that may be attached to it can be gotten off easily. The rain may also help to get rid of this dirt.

On the other hand, dirt may still be stuck between the weave or beneath the chairs, which makes it needful to wash the entire set. With that in mind, proceed to do the following:

  • Dust off the furniture using a bristled brush. Concentrate on areas such as the legs, back, and beneath the unit where there is more accumulation of dirt.
  • Mix mild detergent in water and use a sponge dipped into the soapy water to clean the chair's surface.
  • Scrub spots found on the furniture and apply a bit of pressure. And do not worry about damaging the unit since synthetic wicker has more strength compared to natural wicker. It won't break down easily during cleaning.
  • Rinse the soap off the chair using a hose. Ensure that you spray from different angles to get rid of the dirt that may have been stuck in the weave.

Once you've washed your furniture, you can repeat the procedure once a month. You can also consider buying replacement wicker furniture cushions sets to ensure your unit is always comfy despite how long you've had it.

2. Clean Your Natural Wicker Furniture

If you have amazing furniture made of real wicker, you can maintain it in the best way possible. First off, you'll take the same step you used in cleaning your synthetic unit. But this time around, you'll use extra care and caution during cleaning to ensure you do not damage your furniture.

In line with that, you need to let the furniture dry for a long time since it'll tend to absorb more water compared to synthetic furniture. Therefore, do the following to clean your natural wicker furniture:

  • Remove the furniture's cushions
  • Use a brush with soft bristle to remove the dust, dirt, and other substances that may have settled on the furniture.
  • Be careful while loosening the dust and pay extra attention to the weave since there may be dirt stuck there.
  • Use a vacuum to clean the unit or an air compressor to get rid of any extra dirt that is still stuck to it.
  • Next, wash and rinse the furniture before allowing it to dry.
  • If you use your furniture indoors, consider dusting it every so often to prevent the accumulation of dirt.

And that's all there is to it.

3. Keep it Dry

Although outdoor wicker furniture can withstand the impact of the rain, it's still useful to expose the unit to the least amount of water. Let's take natural wicker; for instance, it's woven materials may tend to break down from high exposure to water.

Also, moisture may tend to loosen the joints, weaken the fibers, and even wash off the paint. Therefore, cover the furniture when not in use. And you can store them indoors if you won't make use of them for a long time.


Knowing how to clean your wicker furniture is essential to keep your furniture in good condition. Whether you've splashed a few or thousands of dollars on it, you'll still find it appealing weeks and months after its purchase. Therefore, carry out regular cleaning of your wicker furniture to help it last longer.