Wicker furniture cushions sets are useful even when you've purchased top wicker furniture. These cushions will enable you to give your wicker furniture a new and stylish look. And that means even before the current one degrades or loses its appeal, you can replace it. The latter will save you money on buying new furniture. Besides, you get to have plusher and softer cushions compared to the current one.

What's more, if you don't own a piece of wicker furniture before this time, we've handpicked a vast collection for you. Check our review of the best wicker furniture for your bedroom, top wicker patio dining set, and classic wicker outdoor furniture. That aside, consider the following replacement wicker furniture cushions sets.

1. Mozaic AZPCSET4358 Swavelle Corded Outdoor Sofa Set

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There's the Mozaic AZPCSET4358 Swavelle Corded Outdoor Sofa Set, which features a dark blue color. The cushions are made of polyester, and their filling is a polyester fiber foam. The design of these cushions offers comfort. And given that you'll be replacing your current cushions with them, they'll serve as a great alternative.

What's more, the fabric of these cushions is weather-resistant. As such, it won't fade quickly as a result of being exposed to the sun, wind, water, etc. The latter makes the set ideal for outdoor wicker furniture. The unit's manufacturer has instructed that you clean spots on the cushions' cover using water and mild detergent. The price of these cushions is $327.35.

2. Mozaic AZPC4959 Indoor or Outdoor Sunbrella Deep Seating Cushion & Pillow Set

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The Mozaic AZPC4959 Indoor or Outdoor Sunbrella Deep Seating Cushion & Pillow Set can be used for your wicker patio dining set or wicker conversation set. The cushions sport a sunbrella Capri Blue color. And they are made from acrylic sunbrella fabric with a filling of polyester fiber foam.

Also, the cushions' fabric is resistant to harsh weather, stain, UV rays, mildew, etc. Therefore, they can serve as a suitable replacement for the seats on your current outdoor furniture. The cushions also have a zippered closure to enable you to take off the cover. You can spot clean the cushions using mild detergent and water to get rid of stains or mildew. This set sells for $228.

3. Pillow Perfect Outdoor/Indoor Rave Graphite

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The Pillow Perfect Outdoor/Indoor Rave Graphite features two cushions that can be used for your indoor or outdoor furniture. These cushions maintain a square shape and have been well padded to make them comfortable and stylish. And the material used for the cover is polyester.

What's more, the polyester fabric is water- & fade-resistant, and the ability to resist water ensures the foam filling is protected. The polyester fiber is also eco-friendly, given that it can be recycled. There are also two rear reinforced 14" ties that'll enable you to attach the cushions to your furniture. The price of this cushion set is $228. Customers who purchased it said the cushion is thick enough to provide comfort.

4. BOSSIMA Patio Furniture Cushions for Deep Seat and Loveseat

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The BOSSIMA Patio Furniture Cushions for Deep Seat and Loveseat comes with a seat cushion and a backrest. If you have indoor wicker furniture for the sunroom, you can consider using these cushions. Much more, consider using these cushions for office desks, dining chairs, and even rattan chairs.

In line with that, there is polyester fiber within the cushions. The fiber helps to absorb pressure; hence, you'll get comfort while seated. The cushions are also water-resistant. Therefore, even if water touches it, it'll tend not to absorb it. It'll cost you $189.99 to purchase this unit.

5. Giow Hanging Hammock Chair Cushions

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You can also spice up the look of your hammock chair with a new cushion. One you can try is the Giow Hanging Hammock Chair Cushions. The material of the chair is cotton, which gives extra comfort. The latter is also durable to ensure you don't have to replace it anytime soon.

Also, this set can be used indoors or outdoors. You can use it on office chairs, garden furniture, car seat, family chairs, etc. Therefore, you'll be making the most of the cushion and getting great value for your money.


Your desire to revamp the look of your indoor or outdoor furniture can be met with replacement wicker furniture cushions sets. We've outlined a good number for you to select from, therefore, take a pick from these.