There is excellent antique wicker furniture you should buy and make a part of your home or office. These are pieces of furniture that sport a classic and modern look. Much more, their agelong design gives them high value and quality. Coupled with their wicker design, these are also outdoor furniture that lasts. Therefore, consider the following antique wicker furniture.

1. Tortuga Outdoor Patio Garden Maracay 7-Piece Dining Set

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The Tortuga Outdoor Patio Garden Maracay 7-Piece Dining Set consists of six chairs and a large table. The set is made of wicker material, whose weave has been doubled. The double wicker weaving is to provide extra support and, therefore, make this set a durable one. It also offers comfort when seated.

What's more, this set comes with an antique gray finished frame to give it a stylish look, and powder-coated aluminum frames for durability. This furniture sells for about $500. It'll be useful to know how to clean this wicker furniture to ensure your furniture ages gracefully.

2. Christopher Knight Home Yorktown 5-Shelf Bookcase

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The Christopher Knight Home Yorktown 5-Shelf Bookcase is also antique wicker furniture. It consists of two large wicker chairs that are ideal as conversation sets. This piece of furniture is made from PE wicker, and it features water-resistant seat cushions.

Therefore, you can use it indoors or outdoors. And if you choose to use it indoors, it can serve as excellent wicker furniture for your bedroom. On the other hand, the chair sports a vibrant, brown color, and its woven material gives it an ancient look. The price of this furniture is $306.15.

3. Modway Aura Wicker Rattan Outdoor Patio Arm Chair

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You can also opt for the Modway Aura Wicker Rattan Outdoor Patio Arm Chair. This chair features a contemporary and modern design. You get to work with a unit with squared corners, clean lines, and a sleek profile. It can be used in the garden, backyard, poolside, or porch.

What's more, the synthetic rattan material it is made with makes it weather-resistant. This material is also supported with a powder-coated aluminum frame to give the unit durability. The price of this unit is about $600.

Is Wicker Furniture Valuable?

Wicker furniture is valuable, given the high cost that is attached to these units. You could spend between $250 to $1000 for single wicker furniture. But if you're opting for high-quality wicker furniture sets, it'll cost you between $5000 to $10,000.

How Can You Tell If A Wicker is Real?

You can differentiate between natural and synthetic wicker. Natural wicker tends to be dry and brittle after prolonged use. The weave may even crack. It is also susceptible to attack by insects and pests. On the other hand, synthetic wicker is more durable.

Why is Wicker so Expensive?

The high price of wicker furniture can be tied to the quality of the material. Wicker furniture is suited for outdoor spaces given that is is weather-resistant. It is resistant to water, UV, moisture, etc. Also, this furniture will tend not to crack or split despite its exposure to harsh outdoor elements.

The method of construction also impacts the price of wicker furniture. Some of these furniture feature steel or aluminum frames to make them more sturdy. Some brands take the extra step of handcrafting their wicker furniture, which adds up to the price.

Which is Better, Rattan, or Wicker?

Rattan furniture is made explicitly from rattan material. It is better than wicker when it comes to durability and versatility. Rattan can be found in different natural colors; hence, more stylish furniture can be made with it.

Wicker, on the other hand, is a method of weaving used for furniture and baskets. As such, it is not entirely material. This weaving method can be used for rattan material or other materials such as willow, reed, and bamboo. Therefore, the material used determines the durability of the wicker furniture.


You can own great antique wicker furniture in your home or office, and get the best out there. All you have to do is fall back on the products and tips we've outlined above.