A modern wicker rocking chair is an excellent piece of furniture that should be a part of your home. The reason lies in the high-level comfort you'll get from being rocked back and forth while sitting on the chair. This movement can also be therapeutic. On the other hand, wicker furniture is weather-resistant and durable. And there are other top reasons you should invest in wicker furniture.

What's more, you don't have to scout the vast market of wicker furniture since we've already reviewed the best deals on wicker patio furniture. There are also wicker pool lounge chairs and antique wicker furniture. These units can be used by the poolside, patio, balcony, yard, garden, porch, etc. That aside, the best modern wicker rocking chairs to buy are:

1. Natural Bamboo - Rattan Wicker Rocker

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You can rock to your favorite tunes while seated on the Natural Bamboo - Rattan Wicker Rocker. This is an attractive chair that is appealing even from a distance. It calls for attention thanks to its exquisite design. You get a rocking chair that has been professionally crafted from natural bamboo rattan material.

As such, the chair is waterproof, stain-resistant, and anti-ultraviolet. It also has a firm structure to ensure it can support a heavyweight. There's also its ergonomics shape design, austere, and flowing lines that offer comfort to anyone sitting on it. Nothing to say than this is a piece of amazing furniture made of wicker. The unit costs about $1,000.

2. XHCP Outdoor Garden Relax Rocking Chair

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Simple and classy are words that can be used to describe the XHCP Outdoor Garden Relax Rocking Chair. Therefore, if you want to keep things simple while getting a modern wicker rocking chair, consider this unit. It's made from aluminum alloy, whereas the seat is made from PE rattan material. And to ensure your furniture is well maintained, check out how to clean wicker furniture.

On the other hand, this chair features sturdy rails that aid in the smooth and balanced deep/light rocking of the chair. There is also a rubber strip beneath the legs to give the chair maximum stability. The ergonomic back design of the chair also supports your whole body while its armrests keep fatigue at bay. The XHCP Outdoor furniture costs $1,159.

3. Boyishengshi Luxury Rocking Chair with Cushions Rattan Wicker Furniture

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Would you love a comfy indoor wicker chair? Then try the Boyishengshi Luxury Rocking Chair with Cushions Rattan Wicker Furniture. This is a rocking chair made of wicker. It can be used in the living room; therefore, add a classic touch to your living space and see how it'll improve its decor.

It may also interest you to know that you can restore dried out wicker furniture if, in any case, this furniture loses its classy look. And given that it features a cushion, you could opt for replacement wicker furniture cushions whenever it's time to make a change. The Boyishengshi Luxury Rocking Chair costs $784.

4. Sungao Natural Bamboo - Rattan Wicker Rocker Set

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How about having a rocking chair with a side table to hold your food, drinks, or books? If that sounds good, the Sungao Natural Bamboo - Rattan Wicker Rocker Set is a chair you should own. As would be expected, the entire set is made of high-quality thick bamboo rattan material.

What's more, it is weather-resistant and will tend not to degrade as a result of exposure to the weather. This furniture has a firm structure to enable it to stay rooted to the ground while in use. Its ergonomics shape design promises immense comfort for back, shoulders, and neck when you're sitting. The price of this furniture is about $1,000. An excellent place to use this unit is in your sunroom.

5. XHCP Outdoor Garden Relax Rocking Chair All Weather Lounge Chair High Back Armchairs

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The XHCP Outdoor Garden Relax Rocking Chair All Weather Lounge Chair High Back Armchairs. It's yet another simple piece of furniture that can grace your indoor or outdoor space. It can be used in your porch, balcony, deck, patio, garden, as with several other places. The chair has been made from PE material, and it is supported with aluminum-magnesium alloy.

You also get a chair that sports sturdy rails for unassisted but smooth rocking. The rubber strip stationed at the bottom of the chair prevents slippage. There's also a promise of great comfort for your body, thanks to the chair's ergonomic back design. It'll cost you $1,031 to purchase this furniture.


These are the best modern wicker rocking chairs to buy today. They have been made from durable material and supported with steel or aluminum frames. Therefore, you'll be acquiring durable furniture.