There is a range of top wicker furniture for your bedroom to choose from. Thus, if you like woven furniture that has been carefully constructed, we've rounded the best out there, On the other hand, wicker furniture is one of the most expensive out there due to their build. They come with steel frames to prevent rusting and give the weaving renewed strength.

Therefore, your need to get quality rattan furniture in the weave style can be met from choosing one of these. And while at it, check out the review of wicker patio furniture sets and top wicker furniture for sale. That aside, here are great decorating ideas for your wicker bedroom furniture.

1. Home Styles Marco Island Cinnamon Drawer Chest with Four Drawers

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Got too many things lying around and becoming an eyesore in your bedroom? It no longer has to be. Try the Home Styles Marco Island Cinnamon Drawer Chest with Four Drawers. This popular wicker furniture has four large partitions to help you organize small objects, including clothing items.

Further, it is made from wood and has a live teak wood finish. Hence, it is made from one of the most quality woods out there. It has the woven wicker style on its surface, which you may be out to get. The unit sells for $433.82. Customers who purchased it said it's suited for small or guest bedrooms. However, scratches may be evident on it, and its vanish may smell.

2. QQXX Indoor Rattan Wicker Chair

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The QQXX Indoor Rattan Wicker Chair can be stationed at one corner in your bedroom. There's also a placement next to the window to give you a good view of the outdoors. The designer of this chair says it's suited for children and pets, and you can use it to read your kid a bedtime story

Much more, you can spice things up and use it as a footrest, step stool, table, etc. It'll also serve you well outdoors either in the entryway or balcony. Also, this chair features non-slip pads beneath each leg. As such, it'll tend not to slip while sat on, and neither will it scratch the floors. The price of this furniture is set at $817.80.

3. Husen 4pcs Luxury Wicker Patio Sectional Indoor Outdoor Sofa

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The Husen 4pcs Luxury Wicker Patio Sectional Indoor Outdoor Sofa can also be used in your bedroom. It's also suited for use outdoors by the patio, poolside, or deck. This unit features an appealing PE rattan hand weave. The furniture is also water-resistant and UV-resistant, and it also has a rust-resistant aluminum frame.

Also, the cushions' covering is removable. And that means you get to maintain whenever there is a need for it. You also get to change the covers to another color to give it a new look. This unit sells between $500 and $1000.

4. Sivaha Modern Lounge Chair Pub Chair

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There's the Sivaha Modern Lounge Chair Pub Chair, which is a three-piece set. It comes with two armchairs and a side table. Thus, there's no need to find a table to pair the chairs with and vice versa. Each unit comes with a hand-woven PE wicker style in the same modern design.

What's more, there are several places you can use this set, starting from the bedroom to the living room, garden, terrace, poolside, and grass. In each of these regions, you get great comfort thanks to the soft cushioned seats.

5. QQXX Indoor Wicker Loom Chair

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The QQXX Indoor Wicker Loom Chair is a portable chair to use in your bedroom. It serves as a sitting chair, footrest, toy chest, step stool, and coffee table. Therefore, you get to decide on the best way to use it. To ensure the chair lasts long, its designer has specified the maximum weight it can support, which is around 300kg.

Alternatively, there are non-slip pads under the legs of this chair. These pads give the chair a firm grip on the ground. It also prevents scratches from occurring and ruining your floors. For its price, you'll be paying around $732.97 to own this chair.


These are the top wicker furniture for your bedroom. You can purchase one of these today to enhance the look and comfort in your private space.