There are things you should know before buying wicker furniture. And each has to be held in high esteem to ensure the unit you end up with is of great quality. The reason is that the furniture may be made of wicker, but a lot goes into making it the best modern outdoor furniture for your patio, balcony, porch, sunroom, and many other spaces.

On the other hand, you can get antique wicker furniture, wicker pool lounge chairs, wicker furniture sets with retractable canopy, etc. There are also some modern wicker rocking chair collections and 4-piece wicker furniture you'll love. These are units to give a try. But here are some things to know even before buying wicker furniture.

1. Material Used to Design Wicker Furniture:

Did you know that different organic materials are woven to create your wicker furniture? It's true. Some of these materials include rattan, bamboo, willow, and reed. Therefore, your wicker furniture for your porch or wicker swivel rocking chair is made from one of these materials.

Rattan, a thin, pliable stem of a palm, is the most popular material used for indoor and outdoor wicker furniture. However, synthetic rattan material (synthetic vinyl and resins) is more durable than natural rattan. And this means if you buy furniture with synthetic rattan, it will withstand the impact of the sun, rain, etc. to be a durable unit.

On the other hand, if your furniture is made from organic material, then use the unit indoors instead of outdoors. This is because it is more susceptible to outdoor elements than synthetic wicker. Hence, the unit may tend to fray or dry out. What's more, wicker furniture is supported with aluminum or steel frames to give it support and strength.

2. Weaving:

Wicker furniture is one that is woven. The weaving process is what makes these units to be referred to as wicker furniture. On the other hand, organic and synthetic materials undergo the same weaving process. As such, these materials have the same appealing wicker design.

Further, there are modern wicker furniture and classic ones. The difference between both lies in style and weaves. These units are also available in different colors, with some having more natural colors.

3. The Number of Pieces Needed:

There are single pieces of wicker furniture, and there are sets to work with. Your choice of which depends on who will use it and generally, the number of people you want it to support. If you plan on using it with your partner, consider buying a loveseat with a small coffee table or side table.

On the other hand, sets with six to seven pieces are useful for throwing small parties. Sets with a large number of pieces will also provide a place for you to wine and dine with your family.

4. Maintaining Your Wicker Furniture:

It is vital to protect your wicker furniture and maintain it properly to prolong its use. One way to maintain this unit is to clean. Learn how to clean wicker furniture to preserve its look. Although synthetic wickers can withstand harsh weather elements, it's even better if you keep your furniture dry to reduce the potential of mildew forming.

And depending on the type of material that was woven, it's ideal for keeping the unit away from direct sunlight. It's also possible to restore dried out wicker furniture to improve its look and durability. And when that's in order, your unit will stand the test of time while giving you great value.


These are some of the things you should know before buying wicker furniture. They are tips that will guide your purchase of excellent wicker furniture for your indoor and outdoor space. Therefore, keep them at your fingertips to see how well they work for you.