A comparison of wicker patio furniture vs metal shows that there are clear differences between both materials. These differences determine the furniture's durability and even price. Therefore, if you're torn between choosing patio furniture made of wicker or metal, let's help you out. You'll be able to choose outdoor furniture based on your taste and practicality.

And while at it, some quality wicker furniture to try is the small backyard patio furniture ideas, patio dining sets with umbrellas, and conversation sofa sets for small spaces. That aside here's a review of wicker patio furniture vs metal.

What is Wicker?

Wicker is a weaving process or style of weave used for rattan material, bamboo, and other pliable plant materials. Furniture designed with rattan, for instance, has a classic style. Much more, the use of rattan allows the chair to be light yet sturdy. As such, it is suited for use indoors and outdoors.

An aluminum frame may be added to wicker furniture to make it more sturdy. Compared to regular furniture, the use of wicker helps to create furniture that is weather and fade resistant.

There is also resin wicker, which are materials made from PVC or other synthetic material. They have a close resemblance to natural wicker but are easier to maintain. Despite not being natural wicker, this material is still resistant to water. Hence, it'll tend not to grow molds or mildew.

What is Metal?

There are different types of metal, and these are stainless steel, aluminum, and wrought iron. Any of these metals can be used to make indoor and outdoor furniture. Let's take a quick look at each:

Stainless Steel:

Stainless steel is rust-resistant, and the strongest of all materials used to make furniture. Nonetheless, it could make the furniture heavy to move and store. Therefore, it is not ideal to opt for dining chairs or side tables made of steel since they'll be moved often. Some great furniture with stainless steel frames is WYJW Modern Side End Table Nesting Table Set and WYJW Living Room Marble Coffee Table Oval Stainless Steel Sofa End Table.


Patio furniture made with aluminum is durable units. However, they break down more quickly compared to furniture with steel. The advantage of these units is that they're often lightweight, which makes them easy to move.

However, this lightweight means they're not ideal for areas with high wind since they can be blown away. Over and above that, they do not rust even though they undergo oxidization and may be vulnerable to salts. An example of furniture with an aluminum frame to get is the SeCortile Patio Rattan Furniture Set.

Wrought Iron:

Finally, there's wrought iron, which is known to be just as sturdy. Therefore, choosing furniture made of metal can last for years and even decades. These units have to be appropriately maintained to prevent corrosion. Wrought, on the other hand, is a term that means  "worked by hand." Therefore, furniture made with this material often has a unique, handcrafted design.

Differences Between Wicker Patio Furniture vs Metal

Here are some differences between wicker patio furniture vs metal

1. Durability and Lifespan:

Pieces of furniture made with wicker or metal are durable units. Both materials are weather-resistant, and as such, they are not quickly impacted by the rain, sun, wind, etc. Outdoor furniture needs to be weather resistant since it saves you from always moving them indoors.

2. Versatility:

Wicker furniture is useful for a wide range of outdoor furniture thanks to its durability. It's also used in merging classic designs with modern ones. And you can find wicker dining sets, wicker bar stools, and so much more. The same be said about metal patio furniture since they are available in different designs.

3. Weather-resistant:

While furniture made of metal is more durable, they are not ideal for outdoor usage. This is because they may tend to rust or degrade from too much exposure to outdoor elements. Therefore, it is better to buy furniture made of wicker since these have more resistance to rain, sun, moisture, etc.


A comparison of wicker patio furniture vs metal shows that wicker furniture is more ideal for outdoor usage. It'll be more resistant to the harsh weather and even maintain a lightweight to enable you to move around. Accordingly, you should consider metal furniture if you're planning to use these units indoors.