Wicker swivel rocking chairs are comfortable pieces of furniture. They allow you to rock the chair back and forth and even spin it around. As such, you get all the relaxation you need while seated on them. Therefore, if you'll like a chair of this nature in your home, take a pick from our selections below.

There's the extra benefit of getting a durable unit thanks to the weather-resistant nature of wicker material. Conversation sets made with premium resin wicker, indoor wicker chair with ottoman, and top wicker patio dining set review are also high units to work with. Now let's head right in to show you great picks wicker swivel rocking chair.

1. SunBear Furniture Lounge Swivel Rocking Java Chair

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We love the appealing look and soft feel of the SunBear Furniture Lounge Swivel Rocking Java Chair, which is why it's part of our list. This unit is made from natural rattan material; hence, it is durable. It'll be resistant to harsh weather and last for many years. SunBear, the unit's designer, also claims that it has been made from class A – ECO-friendly material sourced from Indonesia.

On the other hand, this furniture comes with a swivel. You'll be able to rotate it from side to side however you want. This, therefore, forms a beautiful place to relax with a book, drink, or play your favorite game. There's also a comfy cushion on the chair to offer immense relaxation. Accordingly, add it to your outdoor wicker furniture collections. The price of this furniture is about $500.

2. Christopher Knight Home 311450 Ellen Outdoor Wicker Swivel Egg Chair

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The Christopher Knight Home 311450 Ellen Outdoor Wicker Swivel Egg Chair sports a unique design. It has a cozy build thanks to its basket shape. This unit also sports a modern look due to its design. What you get, is furniture that has PE rattan material, which is known to be durable. The material has also been handcrafted to create a unit that is worth gracing your outdoor space.

Coupled with that, you get water-resistant cushions and ones that are easy to clean. But you can fall back on replacement wicker cushions if the original cushions degrade. The swivel function of this chair is also one of its selling points. You'll be able to move the chair from side-to-side while enjoying its cozy space. The price of this furniture is $329.

3. Rattan Wicker Swivel Rocking Round Papasan Chair with Cushion Colonial

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Another wicker swivel rocking chair that is worth considering is the Rattan Wicker Swivel Rocking Round Papasan Chair with Cushion Colonial. It comes with a handmade weave, and the material used for this design is rattan. The latter has renewed strength and can withstand the impacts of the weather.

According to the unit's manufacturer, class A – ECO-friendly material is used to build the chair, and the material is sourced from Asia. Hence, you can be confident that you've purchased a durable unit. The fully tufted huge cushion of this chair is one more reason why you should buy it since it comes with a promise of great comfort. Its price is about $500.

4. YQ WHJB Modern Pub Dining Chair

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The YQ WHJB Modern Pub Dining Chair is a great unit to work with. It also comes with high-quality rattan material, and as such, you have a durable chair to work with. The chair can be used in the kitchen, restaurant, bars, clubs, offices, and just about anywhere you'd like to flaunt it.

What's more, the height of the chair can be adjusted to meet your needs. In the same vein, you can rotate the seat and foot pedal 360. There's a Rubber Ring Chassis on the sole of the chair to prevent floor scratches. For these features and more, you'll be paying around $301.99 to own this swivel chair.


These are the top wicker swivel rocking chairs you should own today. They have been made with quality wicker material; hence, they won't break down in no time. Their swivel or rocking function offers immense relaxation, which is something to look forward to.